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Translating package descriptions

November 19, 2008

The apt version we use in Ubuntu has the nice feature to support translated package descriptions. This means that “apt-cache show apt” (or synaptic) will display a german translation if the user has a default german locale. Translating those this is a big task, there are plenty of packages so there are plenty of descriptions.

To make working with the translations of these descriptions in launchpad easier there is a now new website that sorts the package descriptions and presents them in a nice and easy way. It was written by István Nyitrai and is available at . I think its very cool, have a look and give feedback to the author.

The debian project uses a system called DDTSS: that looks a bit different (and does of course not contain ubuntu specific package like the ones in restricted). We are currently working with Debian on a way so that we can push the translations back to Debian. We already sync regularly from Debian, having a working system in both direction is going to rock 🙂