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Software-center & weblive

March 25, 2011

There is another cool feature in software-center in natty that I would like to show today. If you have the package “qtnx” (in universe) installed you will be able to “test-drive” a lot of the available applications in software-center without having to actually install them. They are run via the NX protocol on a remove server with pretty good speed. Its all possible thanks to Stéphane Grabers Weblive.

This is what it loks like (notice the “Test drive” button below the screenshot):

And here what happens when I press test-drive and its connected (connecting takes about a minute currently).

The apt mirror method

March 21, 2011

A pretty nice (but not much known) piece in apt is the “mirror” method that will automatically select a good mirror based on your location. Putting:
deb mirror:// natty main restricted universe multiverse
on the top in your sources.list should be all that is needed to make it automatically pick a mirror for you based on your geographical location. With the recent apt upload some issues (mostly in the UI) have been fixed and it should be in good shape now. Feedback for this feature is welcome!


March 10, 2011

One of the new features in natty is the “apt-btrfs-snapshot” package. Its for people who use a btrfs install of natty. Once installed it will automatically create filesystem snapshot (of everything but /home) when apt installs/removes/upgrades. With the apt-btrfs-snapshot cli app its easy to list/remove/rollback the snapshots. Its build on top of the btfs snapshot feature and will work out of the box with the filesystem layout that a natty alpha3 btrfs install creates.

Ratings&reviews “Was this review helpful?”

March 3, 2011

The software-center team is happy to announce that the “was this review useful” feature can now be used. Its in the code since a while, but it was not visible because the server had a bug in the data returned. This is fortunately fixed now 🙂 This will also influence the sorting of the reviews (helpful reviews appear first). Aaron Peachey made the client happen. And the unstoppable Matthew McGowan did great UI work.