update-manager & unity

I merged a branch from Bilal Akhtar for update-manager the other day to add unity quicklist support (thanks Bilal!). While at it I added the updates count to the launcher too. Small change, but I really like it 🙂

8 Responses to “update-manager & unity”

  1. Daniel Holbach Says:

    Woah – awesome! 🙂

  2. kikl Says:

    I like!

  3. Winael Says:

    Wow awesome. How do you did it ? Unity have some marvellous stuff hide ready to get discover ^^

  4. Ahmed Kamal Says:

    Man this is awesome 🙂

  5. Rob J. Caskey Says:

    This number is entirely meaningless to users. Size in MB, fewest number of non -desktop packages that could contain the proposed updates as deps, etc, would be much more useful.

    • ihashacks Says:

      The number is no more or less meaningless to “users” switching from alternative platforms receiving updates from Apple/Windows update that they more than likely don’t read the KB articles for anyways.

  6. oimon Says:

    rather than number of updates, it might be nicer to optionally choose an icon that appears if (1) non critical updates are available (2) critical security updates are available, in a similar way to how the old update-manager applet works.
    i don’t really want to know the number of updates, just whether there are security updates or bug-fixes waiting

  7. La version diaria de Chrome añade barra de progreso y contador de descargas para Unity Says:

    […] Estas funcionalidades tambien empiezan a implementarse en otras aplicaciones como son el gestor de actualizaciones: […]

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