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August 16, 2011

I created a small extension for sqlite3 today to allow order by debian version easily. This allows writing:

.load "./";
SELECT * FROM packages ORDER BY version COLLAT debversion_compare;

And it will do the right ordering. Its available on launchpad.

Software-center gtk3 edition

August 9, 2011

As OMGUbuntu already posted here the software-center team is working on a gtk3 version that implements a new GUI design. Thanks to the team and especially the wonderful Matthew McGowan we now have the gtk3 version mostly working. Its part of the normal software-center packages as of version 4.1.12. It installs alongside the current gtk2 software-center. For now gtk2 is still the default, but if you run “software-center-gtk3” on a oneiric system you will get the new UI (and all the new bugs) 😉

New apt hits oneiric

August 8, 2011

I just uploaded a new apt to oneiric. Its a ABI break so there will be short time that the archive is in a state of churn while the packages are rebuild against the new ABI. But the good news is that apt finally got dpointers so we will require less ABI breaks in the future. Plus we moved the library into a proper library package making the transitions much easier from now on.