New apt hits oneiric

I just uploaded a new apt to oneiric. Its a ABI break so there will be short time that the archive is in a state of churn while the packages are rebuild against the new ABI. But the good news is that apt finally got dpointers so we will require less ABI breaks in the future. Plus we moved the library into a proper library package making the transitions much easier from now on.


5 Responses to “New apt hits oneiric”

  1. Omer Akram (@om26er) Says:

    In Oneiric I have noticed a big slowness in apt-get, package cache loading takes long, installation takes long, is the problem known?

    • DonKult Says:

      amd64 as architecture maybe?
      If so, as far as i know, i386 Packages files are downloaded by default too to enable multiarch which means more packages to keep track of resulting in a slowdown (mostly on cold cache).

  2. Michael Vogt Says:

    There is one bug currently in the test for cache freshness, that is fixed in bzr and will be part of the next upload

  3. Ahmed Kamal Says:

    Not sure what dpointers are, is this a feature users should be excited about ? 🙂

  4. EriLong Says:

    Thanks you!

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