Sysreq on Lenovo x250

I sometimes find myself in the situation that I need magic sysreq on my machine. Especially when running the development version of Ubuntu it is sometimes useful to do the magic “sync,umount,boot” sequence.

The new Lenovo keyboards do not have a dedicated sysreq key anymore. But after some searching and fiddling I is possible to emulate the behaviour:

Press “Fn”+”Ctrl”+”Alt”+”s” all at the same time. Then release “Fn”+”s” but keep “Ctrl”+”Alt” pressed. The keys you press next (while keeping “Ctrl”+”Alt” pressed) are now the systreq keys. So e.g. when pressing “s” next (while keeping “Ctrl”+”Alt” pressed) the system will do a emergency sync, pressing “u” next (while keeping “Ctrl”+”Alt” pressed) will do the emergency umount etc.

This should also work on any of the “new” Lenovo keyboard.

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